Author Guidelines

Manuscript Format

Manuscripts are written in Indonesian. The manuscript is typed using Microsoft Word program on A4 paper, between 10-15 pages in Times New Roman font, 12pt size and 1 space. The manuscript format can be seen in the following instructions (template):


Titles should be no longer than 14 words and should be clear, concise and informative. Abbreviations should be avoided.


First Author, Next Author, and Last Author

1First Author, Affiliation, City

2Next Author, Affiliation, City

3Last Author, Affiliation, City

*email: Author correspondence

Abstract with keywords

The abstract should be written in a maximum of 200 words. The abstract should contain the research objectives, methods, results or findings, and conclusions.

While keywords are words that represent or often appear in the manuscript except the word in the title (the number between 3-5 words, separated by semicolons (;), and arranged alphabetically).


The introduction should contain (briefly and sequentially) the general background and literature review (state of the art) as the basis of the new research question, the new scientific article statement, the main research problem, and the hypothesis. At the end of the introduction, the purpose of writing the article should be stated. The goal should be represented in the literature review of previous studies to demonstrate the novelty of the scientific article.


Summarize the materials and methods used in the research, including the subjects studied, data collection techniques, methods and analysis approaches used.

Results and Discussion

This part consists of the research results and researchers are discussed. The results obtained from the research have to be supported by sufficient data. The research results and the discovery must be the answers or the research hypothesis or research question stated previously in the introduction part.


This is the final section that contains conclusions, limitations, and recommendations. The conclusion will be the answer to the hypothesis or research question, research objectives, and research findings. The conclusion should not only contain a repetition of the results and discussion. The conclusion should be a summary of the research results as expected by the author in the research objectives or hypothesis. (paragraphs are not in the form of numbered points).


All references used in the article must be listed in this section. In this section, all references used must be taken from primary sources (scientific journals and at least 80% of all references) published in the last 10 years. Each article should have at least a minimum of 15 references. All references mentioned should be written down in reference using Chicago 17th edition (full note) and arranged from A to Z.

Please check each referred article for accuracy and make sure every quoted work in the article is written in references. Works that are not cited but mentioned in References will be omitted by the editor. Use a reference manager such as (Mendeley or Zotero) to create a bibliography.

The template of the manuscripts is available for download HERE